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"Time Travellers Wife"- 2009
Hailey plays Alba, the daughter of Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana in this much anticipated movie adaptation of the beloved novel. The story centers around Henry DeTamble (Bana) who carries the time travel gene, causing him to time travel uncontollably, often crossing paths with his wife and daughter at different stages of their lives.

"The Grand"- 2007
Hailey was originally cast in this but due to budget issues, her scenes wer cut. However, the Director later decided to use her in a series of photographs used in the film.

"Give or Take an Inch"- 2003
A short drama which centers around a family who have to make some changes when their lesbian sister announces she is undertaking a sex change. Hailey plays the 'Elizabeth', the daughter of Michele Green's character 'Meg'. Her brother is played by Hayden McFarland.

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